Over her 14 year career, Sydni has been asked to teach in many different capacities from large festival workshops, private one on one sessions, business classes and video critique. If you've been wanting to learn from Sydni, here's your opportunity- whether you are 10,000 miles away or in her same city of New York. Sydni particularly enjoys act critique, movement refinement, teaching about producing and better business practices, problem solving and career mapping. 



Send a clearly shot video of the act you would like constructively critiqued by Sydni. Included are notes on movement, choreography and musicality suggestions, costume analysis, and ways to better connect with your audience. Includes a couple of rounds of back and forth email conversation. Please note that Sydni does not re-choreograph whole acts for this service.

One video: $60



Producing shows, better business practices, troubleshooting career issues, business advice as a troupe member or solo entertainer, creating 1-3 year performing plans, and how to organize your burlesque life (or closet) are all subjects Sydni is particularly adept at. 

One hour: $75


 studio time

This particular service is If you're in NYC and want to train with Sydni in refining an act or movement qualities, or if Sydni is traveling to your city and you have access to studio space and would love for her assistance in your performance. 

NYC: $75/hr. $100 for 90min

Traveling: $80 per hour (inquire about sharing a session with a friend.) 

*Group classes have different costs. Please contact for more information